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The first step is always the hardest...
At Brisbane Goju Karate we understand that the first step to trying something new can be the hardest so we have developed karate classes for beginners that are structured to teach you in an environment that is safe and challenging. Our martial arts instructors love it when a new student turns up to participate in their first beginners karate class and starts their journey to becoming a black belt in karate. In order to take your first step to becoming fitter, stronger and more confident please complete the enquiry form to book yourself into karate classes for beginners. 
“If you want brilliant Martial Arts & brilliant people! And you're not afraid of working hard, more than likely this is the place for you!”
Max Saltmarsh
Yellow Belt
Please let us know which martial arts class you would like attend to participate in your beginners karate class. One of our instructors will then respond to book you into the class. You can also choose to simply sit back and watch or actively participate in your first martial arts class. The best thing is you are under no obligation to join and the first class you train in is free. This means you can compare Brisbane Goju Karate to other martial arts in Brisbane that you may be looking to train at and be confident you have found a martial arts class best suited to you. So see what all the excitement is about! Fill in the enquiry form below today to take the first step.
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Not fit enough? No problem.

Waiting to start training until you're in better shape is like not going to school until your smart enough... the hardest step is always the first and there is plenty of support in our dojos to get you up and running.